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Along with the mature of the Internet of Things technology,  the traditional industrial production lines are upgraded to a new stage of the smart production line. From the perspective of current technological development and application prospects, the Internet of Things has been partially applied in the following areas of industrial field: manufacturing supply chain management, production process optimization, product equipment monitoring management, and cloud data statistics etc..

 The smart production line is to use Internet of Things technology and intelligent electrical equipment of the Internet of Things,  to realize real-time connection and control of the workshop’s automated production line and the Internet of Things cloud platform. At the same time, according to the changes of market demand, by intelligent planning and intelligent scheduling of the cloud platforms,   to more effectively coordinate the operation of automated production lines and achieve more efficient intelligent production.

Taos use various of sensors, based on industrial Ethernet, industrial software as platform to achieve all-round intelligent production, transform the company's traditional way of  injection molding and products assembly  to achieve the coordination of the robot's intelligent production mode. As shown:


 Production mode as picture: