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Corporate Talent Concept: People-oriented, value-creation as the core

The talent strategy is the thinking of the company for the future. The excellent talent is the foundation of the company's development and the driving force for the sustainable development of the company.
Taos Electric leads the company's strategy and is committed to building a team of employees with a global vision, innovative awareness, and high quality that suits the company's development.

  • Select people
    Both moral integrity and moral integrity
  • Use people
    Use their talents to make the best use of it
  • Education
    Achievement career, lifelong learning
  • Keep people
    Mechanism incentives and cultural cohesion

Taos Electric has a scientific and rational organization and position system, diversified career development channels for employees, and a sound talent selection and training mechanism to help talent growth.
Taos provides platforms and opportunities for employee growth. Employees create value for the company. With harmonious labor relations, a healthy development environment, and a positive working atmosphere, the company and its employees can achieve common development, so that the company can obtain sustainable competitive advantages.