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“Reflection to book《It’s Your Ship》” Essay Competition Ends Successfully
2019-05-29     share to:

Dear Colleagues,

The award-winning essay contest “Reflection to book《It’s Your Ship》” has come to a successful end, the activity has received widely attention and enthusiastically participation since its launch in February 2019.   

Reading good books is like to talk with many noble people. 《It’s Your Ship 》tells some heart-warming stories, demonstrated the management charm of outstanding leaders, it also teaches how to behave in your career. The company is like a ship, and each staff is the crew on board.The book is deserved to be each crew member’s pillow book .

      The jury went over essay carefully, many excellent works stood out .

      The winners are now announced as follows:

First prize: (vacancy)

Second prize: Zhong Yun, Tang Yiguang

Third Prize:Kong Jinli, Yang Lixia, ChenZhang luqi

Winning prizes:  Xiang Xueying, Ren Xiaohui, Tao Qingqing, Zhuang Yufeng, Zhang Kunming, Ma Fangxun

      Once Shakespeare said There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes. And that is the magic and diversity of reading.Even though there is no beautiful writing and gorgeous rhetoric,each original article with distinct theme deserves respect.  

      For this purpose, the jury has added 9 finalists as follows:

Wu Fuxi, Jin Jianhai, Li Jiashui, Liang Min, Wang Bangcan, Wang Haicong, Wei Liangjian, Wu Xiangjian, Tu Aijuan