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Walk with TAOS ---The 20th Anniversary Relay Race and 2019 year-end banquet was successfully held
2020-01-12     share to:

Time flies!  As new Spring Festival is coming, TAOS Electric shift the traditional annual conferences of previous years to an ingenious activity  Walk with TAOS –TAOS’ 20th Anniversary Relay Race to celebrat the new year.  The top management of the company ran with all staff and attended the new year party, everybody in the party are sharing happy moments, harmony and joy.

On January 12, 2020,  8:35 am , with the beautiful melody of TAOS Electric enterprise's song-To Walk with TAOS, The activity began with the proud and passionate singing of TAOS people.  First, the cartoon characters "LANG LANG" and "TIAN MA" of TAOS meet with us. LANGLANG and TIAN MA are two mascots, one is lively and cute, which enhances the affinity of the brand; the other is masculine and bold, showing the high quality of the product, and telling the story of TAOS.

Next, in the warm applause, top management presented awards to 11 outstanding employees of 2019. They were meticulous , hard working and dedicated silently, as role model for all TAOS people, Their deeds also inspired every TAOS people to continue to forge ahead and strive to be a model.

When more than 20 torchbearers shouted in unison the slogan Sing 2020, Run for a wonderful TAOS, the horn of the relay race was officially sounded. It was divided into 20 teams according to the working time of TAOS people. Each team runs a circle around the factory, one circle means one year, which means 20 years of loyalty and perseverance. The delivery of the torch symbolizes the inheritance of the spirit of TAOS, and draw a beautiful corporate style together. Twenty years fight, twenty years of hard work, each smiling face on the photo gallery has witnessed their youthful years in Taos, everyone was deeply touched by this moment.

The relay race is one of the series of activities for the 20th anniversary celebration of Taos Electric, aiming to thank every fellow who joined TAOS, sweats for TAOS, and devotes their wisdom to TAOS, thank them for accompanying TAOS through the first fruitful twenty years. We believe that with the unremitting efforts of TAOS people, TAOS Electric will go more stable, better and farther! 

Let us continue to walk with TAOS!