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Facilitating online-learning, TAOS is in action
2020-03-07     share to:

An epidemic, a storm,  a long holiday came unexpectedly.  To help students in mountainous areas complete online learning with better conditions, TAOS Electric quickly responded to the epidemic prevention initiative launched by the "Gallery Bridge ? Sunshine" charity Foundation .

TAOS Initiated a voluntary contribution campaign inside the company, 20pcs all-in-one computers with a total value of 30,000 yuan, together with masks and greeting cards were donated to the students. On March 7th, the relevant persons in charge of the Zhejiang Taishun County Charity Federation、 the Education Bureau、 the League and County Committee and other departments attended the handover ceremony of the "Donating computers to fight coVID-19 in spring “ , which was held in the county education bureau. the Party Branch Secretary of  TAOS Electric participated this activity as representative of caring enterprises.

TAOS Electric always keep fulfilling its social responsibilities, actively participate in public welfare activities,  practice the enterprise core values of "Mutualism and sharing".